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CERA Youth Wellbeing Survey
Medical Council of New Zealand Workforce Survey
Student Voice – Getting Started Survey
ACC Partnership Programme Survey
Accommodation Survey
Active New Zealand Survey
Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey
Adult Nutrition Survey
Alcohol and Drug Use Survey
Annual Enterprise Survey
ANZ Ngai Tahu Financial Knowledge Survey
ASH Year 10 Snapshot Survey
Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Alcohol Survey
Audience Atlas New Zealand Survey
Burglary Survey
Business Operations Survey
Cell Phone Use by Drivers Survey
CERA Wellbeing Survey
Child Restraint Survey - Child Restraint Use 5-9 Years
Child Restraint Survey - Child Restraint Use Under 5 Years
Children's Media Use Study
Citizens' Satisfaction Survey
Community Access Radio Report
Court User Survey
COVID-19 Health and Wellbeing Survey
COVID-19 Tourism Industry Survey
Cycle Counting in New Zealand Survey
Cycle Helmet Use Survey
Disability Survey of Residential Facilities
Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health & Development Study
Education and Training Survey
Engaging all New Zealanders: Children in New Zealand Communities Survey
Epilepsy Consumer Experience Survey
Every Kiwi Counts Survey
Face the Facts Follow-up Survey
Families Commission Survey
Financial Knowledge and Behaviour Survey
Financial Literacy of Secondary Students Survey
Fire Knowledge and Communications Survey
Fire Safety Survey
Food Cost Survey
Gaming and Betting Activities Survey
General Social Survey
Global Drug Survey
Global Economic Crime Survey: New Zealand Insights
Growing Up in New Zealand - Longitudinal Survey
Health and Lifestyles Survey
Health and Safety Attitudes and Behaviours in the New Zealand Workforce: A Survey of Workers and Employers
Household Disability Survey
Household Economic Survey
Household Economic Survey (Income)
Household Savings Survey
Household Travel Survey
Household Use of ICT Survey
How Young New Zealanders Learn About Personal Finance: A longitudinal Study
Human Resource Capability Survey
Industry Survey
Information and Communication Technology Supply Survey
International Crime Survey
International Visitor Survey
Internet Service Provider Survey
Juror Satisfaction Survey
Kiwis Count Survey
KPMG CEO Outlook Survey
Labour Market Statistics (Combined Release: Surveys HLFS, QES & LCI)
Legal Aid Providers Survey
Legal Workplace Environment Survey
Life Education Trust Survey - Use of Programmes
Living Standards Survey
Longitudinal Immigration Survey
Maternity Consumer Survey
Monetary Incentives Study - Mail Survey Response Rates and Participant Retention
National Children's Nutrition Survey
National Survey of Secondary Schools
National Survey: Primary and Intermediate Schools
Network Reliability: Speed and Variance of Travel Time Survey
New Kiwis Employer Survey
New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study
New Zealand Children's Food and Drinks Survey
New Zealand Computer Crime and Security Survey
New Zealand Consumer Survey
New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey
New Zealand Diversity Survey
New Zealand Health Survey
New Zealand Income Survey
New Zealand Mental Health Survey
New Zealand Oral Health Survey
New Zealand Smoking Monitor
New Zealanders and the Arts Survey
Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey
NZ On Air Documentary Survey
Older People's Oral Health Survey
Perceptions of Asia and Asian Peoples Survey
Post-enumeration Survey
Programme for International Student Assessment
Public Attitudes to Road Safety Survey
Public Attitudes Towards the Physical Discipline of Children Survey
Public Awareness and Attitudes Survey
Public Engagement with Science and Technology Survey
Public Opinion Survey on the Importance of Parents' Role
Public Perceptions of Crime Survey
Public Perceptions of New Zealand’s Environment Survey
PwC's 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey
Quality of Life Survey
Resource Management Act - Survey of Local Authorities
Respect Costs Nothing: A survey of discrimination faced by people with experience of mental illness in Aotearoa New Zealand
Retail Trade Survey
RNZCGP Workforce Survey
Safety Belt Survey - Front Seat Safety Belt Use
Safety Belt Survey - Rear Seat Safety Belt Use
Screen Industry Survey
Service Delivery and Operations Customer Experience Survey
Speed Survey
Sun Exposure Survey
Survey of Adult Skills: Adults’ Financial Literacy Activities
Survey of Court Lawyers
Survey of Employee Satisfaction and Motivation in New Zealand
Survey of Family, Income and Employment
Survey of Income, Expenditure and Fees of Early Childhood Education Providers
Survey of New Zealanders
Te Kupenga Survey
Te Rau Hinengaro: The New Zealand Mental Health Survey
Time Use Survey
Tobacco Use Survey
Treasury Stakeholders Survey
Unravelling the pathways of alcohol exposed pregnancies in New Zealand Survey
Where are the Audiences? Survey of New Zealanders' Media Consumption
Workplace Wellness Report
Young People's Survey
Youth Insights Survey
Youth12 Survey: The Health and Wellbeing of Secondary School Students in New Zealand