For PHOs

Clinical Indicators
CBG has been closely involved with the development of clinical performance indicators for PHOs and referred services. We are able to calculate a set of draft clinical performance indicators and identify possible problems in reporting the likely indicators.
GIS and mapping
PHOs may find the results of a geographic analysis of their data very useful. A plot of patient locations by ethnicity, disease or provider, for example, can reveal patterns that can improve service delivery and identify areas of need. We can code registers for NZDep scores.

Independent IT advisory services
Another area of need that we have identified is for PHOs to have access to independent IT advice. If you are thinking of establishing PHO-wide analysis facilities, for example cross-tabs of anonymous patient-level data, you may be able to save between $10,000 and $100,000 by talking to us first.
If you are embarking on a new service – build in evaluation. By discussing evaluation early in project development, you are rewarded with a superior project, and almost always save money compared with conducting evaluation as an add-on at the end. We can do preliminary literature reviews, study design, including power calculations, and place projects in national and international contexts.