Current Surveys


New Zealand Health Survey

CBG is currently in the sixth year of data collection for the continuous New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS) funded by the Ministry of Health. The survey collects information on a wide spectrum of topics including health behaviours and risk factors, health conditions, health status and health service use. The survey consists of a core set of questions that do not change from year to year. These core questions are supplemented by a set of rotational modules that change each July. The rotational modules for Year 6 consist of mental health for adults, and mental health and developmental health for children.

Historically, the NZHS has been conducted every 4 years since its inception in 1992, with the final administration being completed in 2006/07. From April 2011, the NZHS and the various surveys that were part of the wider survey programme (e.g. Adult and Child Nutrition Surveys, Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use Survey, Te Rau Hinengaro [the New Zealand Mental Health Survey] and the Oral Health Survey) have been integrated into a single survey, which is now in continuous operation. 

In Year 5, CBG returned a weighted response rate of 80% for the adult sample and 80% for the child sample. In each of the preceding 4 years, CBG has returned a weighted response rate of 79% or more for both the adult and child samples. For more information and survey results please visit the Ministry of Health website.

To compare this survey with other public sector surveys across key metrics, please visit the CBG Survey Monitor page.



New Zealand Household Travel Survey

The survey collects information about day-to-day travel in New Zealand - such as, how, where and when we travel. The results provide a picture of the travel patterns and choices of all types of people - information which is vital for developing transport policy including road safety, public transport, walking and cycling. From October 2015 CBG has been undertaking the fieldwork for the new continuous travel survey using GPS technology and online forms. 

For more information on the Travel Survey, please visit the Ministry of Transport website


New Zealand Crime & Victims Survey

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CBG has been contracted by the Ministry of Justice to design and implement a new continuous crime and victimisation survey to replace the New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey (fieldwork last administered in 2014 by CBG). About 70% of crime against individuals and households is not reported to Police. The New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey (NZCVS) will aim to fill this gap by providing a nationally-representative picture of the experience of crime in New Zealand for those aged 15 years and over. Fieldwork is expected to commence in February 2018. 

For more information, please visit the Ministry of Justice website.